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How to Access ce.uml.edu with a Secure Shell Client

View our Flash tutorials on the pages below!!!
How to  Telnet  to ce.uml.edu using a Secure Shell Client  How to FTP to ce.uml.edu using a Secure FTP Client 
How to change your password Whats a .forward?
How to change your shell Email using mailx
How to change your prompt EMail using pine
How to change "finger" details Download VI Tutor in Zip Format (to edit)
How to compile a C/C++ program VI Tutor (HTML format-to view)
How to print chmod - changing file permissions

Contact the UML Division of Online and Continuing Education Technical Services Coordinator

If you are enrolled in a Continuing Education course which requires a UNIX account, you can apply here for a UNIX account. You will receive the same account on both ce.uml.edu and cyberserver.uml.edu.
Fri Dec 2, 2016